27 November 2010

Well, bust my buttons! That's a horse of a different color!

The Wizard of Oz, 1939

As usual, it's going to be a little difficult for me to write this without being all gushy and sentimental and saying that I love this movie simply because, well, I always have.

The Wizard of Oz was my first taste of classic cinema I suppose. I've been watching it literally as long as I can remember. It became a full-blown obsession when I was in the fifth grade, and it's stayed that way ever since. The VHS that Ihad included a documentary titled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Making of a Movie Classic. I used to watch this all the time and because of it, I was able to drop names like nobody's business. Never mind that I had no idea what I was talking about, but I knew Luis B. Mayer, Victor Flemming, George Cukor, David Selznick, Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Mervyn LeRoy, Gale Sondergaard, Liza Minnelli and even Adrian. Like I said, I probably couldn't have told you who most of those people really were, but I'm sure that I sounded very pretentious rattling off names like that at ten years old. 

It was also the film that introduced me to Judy Garland, who I've always adored.  In the fifth grade, I would have listed her as my favorite actress. She remains among them today. 

I guess I really need to give credit to the Wizard of Oz for introducing me to classic film. I didn't even know it at the time, but it was my first viewing of classic films and so I guess that Citizen Kane needs to move over and give The Wizard of Oz that title.

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