10 September 2010

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

So after some inspiration from my friend I've made myself a blog to post up my writings and whatnot. I'm not sure how many people are going to be seeing this, let alone how many people will actually care enough to read through whatever I post. But since I kind of want to do a bit of writing as a career, I guess maybe I'm hoping that someone will see this and possibly be interested in what I have to say, and possibly maybe hook me up with someone else. But I'm also well aware that that is very wishful thinking. Whatever happens, this is my new outlet for any writings that I do and would like to share.

Now, for a little about me. I'm twenty years old and I have been absolutely, head-over-heels, obsessively in love with classic films and Hollywood since I was sixteen years old. It all started in the spring of my sophomore year of high school when I took a class called Film Appreciation. In this class, I was introduced to some really amazing films: Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Double Indemnity, Some Like it Hot, Vertigo and The Boondock Saints. I also remember watching some favorite films of mine as well- Jaws, Silence of the Lambs, and a few Little Rascals and Three Stooges shorts.   That summer, I watched TCM nearly every day and discovered a whole ton of amazing actors and actresses. Since then, I've become quite a film snob, but I'm not above the occasional plain old silly film (Napoleon Dynamite, Jay and Silent Bob, Dogma) and, contrary to what people think, I'm not above the films of today if they are well made.

Outside of the whole film thing, I also am real big on cooking. I'm a total food person, and actually, before I discovered film, I wanted to be a professional chef and open up my own restaurant. I also love reading I also love books themselves. I also like photography although I wouldn't consider myself one of those artistic photographers. I'd love to be,  but it was something I was never real outstanding at. I love music and I'm not sure I have gone a day without listening to it, even if the only time I get to listen to it is in my car driving to work. I love literally all types of music, some more than others, but my tastes are very eclectic. I listen  to everything from ABBA, Tupac, and Beethoven, to Judy Garland, Edith Piaf, and The Misfits. I'm quite sure my iPod has at least one artist of every genre on it. I can play the piano and a little guitar as well.

As I've said before and as you've noticed from looking at the photos on this thing, I am a total film buff/snob. My favorite film ever is The Wizard of Oz followed closely by Gone With the Wind. I'm very passionate about films and actors and actresses, so when I like them, I love them. And if I don't really dig them, I loathe them. My favorite actress is Vivien Leigh and my favorite actor is Laurence Olivier. I was born about 60 years too late and I love old fashion, especially those of the twenties and forties.

And now, I'm quite sure that I've rambled on about myself too much. So if you're still reading this, well, 1: I'm surprised, and 2: Thanks, and I hope you check this out every so often to see what else I've got to say.

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