02 October 2010

Das ist ein Schnikelfritz!

Day 01 — Your favorite song
Day 02 — Your favorite movie

Day 03 — Your favorite television program

Day 04 — Your favorite book

Day 05 — Your favorite quote

Day 06 — Whatever tickles your fancy

Day 07 — A photo that makes you happy

Day 08 — A photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 09 — A photo you took
Day 10 — A photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11 — A photo of you taken recently
Day 12 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 13 — A fictional book
Day 14 — A non-fictional book
Day 15 — A fanfic
Day 16 — A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 — An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
Day 18 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 19 — A talent of yours
Day 20 — A hobby of yours
Day 21 — A recipe
Day 22 — A website
Day 23 — A YouTube video
Day 24 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 25 — Your day, in great detail
Day 26 — Your week, in great detail
Day 27 — This month, in great detail
Day 28 — This year, in great detail
Day 29 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30 — Whatever tickles your fancy

This is a picture of my kitten Schnikelfritz, better known as Fritz. I also call him le chat fou (the crazy cat). He's a year old and he's super funny. We got him last November and I'm really glad we did because I totally love him. Here's some funny things about him:
  • Poor Fritz went through a bit of an identity crisis. When we first got him, my mom thought that he was a girl, so I named him Gracie. That was his name for a few weeks until my parents figured out that he was a boy.
  • Ever since he was a baby he hasn't drank his water from his water dish. He prefers to drink from the toilet or from glasses left on a table or counter top.
  • He refuses to eat fish of any kind. He's more into eating  fried rice from the Chinese restaurant and Burger King's french fries. 
  • He's the loudest cat I've ever met. He'll walk around the house meowing just to hear himself. 
  • He sleeps with his tongue sticking out.
  • Sometimes he purrs so hard that he grunts. 
  • He jumped in the shower with me once.
  • The first night I let him sleep on my bed he nearly pushed me out of it. (He sleeps on his side with all four legs stretched out as far as they'll go. Kind of like he's dead.)

 Oh, and as a sidenote, Schnikelfritz is an old German word that roughly translates to a naughty little boy. Perfect name for my cat.
*Thanks to Emily for translating Schnikelfritz for me.

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